Vine Ventures I, LP

Eric Reiner
2 min readJul 13, 2021

Hello –

It is with great pleasure that we unveil Vine Ventures.

Vine Ventures is an NYC-based, early-stage, software-focused venture capital fund that invests in the US, Latin America, and Israel. To date, Vine has invested in nine companies from our debut $50m early-stage fund. In addition, Vine has completed eight co-investments with our LPs into later-stage opportunities, predominantly from the maturing companies in the Vine portfolio and companies that we have invested in before the formation of Vine.

Having previously helped to build the early-stage venture portfolio for the family office of one of the founders of SAP, today we are publicly launching Vine Ventures: a fund which we will grow into one of the leading sources of capital for early-stage entrepreneurs in the U.S., LatAm, and Israel. We are pursuing a vision to create a distinguished financial institution focused on the next generation of emerging platforms and new technology. The goal of Vine Ventures is threefold:

Deliver strong returns to investors through a rigorous process and relentless integrity, leveraging best practices from our team’s backgrounds at Insight Venture Partners, TA, and Blackstone while retrofitting them to the early stage. We seek to lead or meaningfully participate as early as we have conviction, primarily in software and financial services businesses.

Empower founders by being the rarest of investors who help you build, if not by ourselves then by tapping into our network of the brightest minds.

Leverage our youth and research-driven approach to early-stage investing to build a team culture where each member is honest, engaged, and thinks independently.

Over the past several years, we have had the opportunity to back some of the world’s most promising technology companies and dynamic founders, including early-stage (mainly Seed / A) investments in Carta, Hippo, Unqork, Roman, Dutchie, and MANTL, among others.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have gained the level of experience we have so early on in our careers. We attribute that not to luck, but dedication, determination, and discipline. We have trained under seasoned investment professionals and are extremely grateful to those at Insight, TA, and Sinai for the early start to our investing careers. Equipped with this training, we move forward confidently as a team, exercising proven frameworks in our investment regimen and founder support.

We are particularly grateful to have built a community of industry luminaries over the years who serve as our mentors, advisors, and now, our limited partners. With backing from some of the world’s greatest public and private technology investors, philanthropic families and institutions, and founders (such as Carta, Century Payments, Hippo, Hybris, Seamless, Shutterstock, Tinder, Zynga, and others), we are excited to follow the precedent of some of the world’s renowned investment houses and industry-defining companies, many of which were seeded by the prior generation of great successes.

Today, we invite you to collaborate with us in funding some of the most transformative ideas and individuals across our target markets.

Thank you,

Eric Reiner & Dan Povitsky